We specialize in Direct to Garment, Vinyl, Embroidery and Heat Press. Please read the description below for further details.


Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment Printing also known as "DTG" is the most modern process for printing on garments. For this service we use an Epson F2100, a printer known for it’s high quality color finish and accuracy through industry leading PrecisionDot technology.  This printing method is ideal for customers looking to print photographs, as well as other images that have many colors. DTG is an excellent alternative to screen printing.

Vinyl printing

Vinyl printing on garments is an excellent alternative to traditional printing. This type of printing utilizes a computer and vinyl machine to cut your design into vinyl, and is then heat pressed onto the garment. Vinyl printing adds a textured and glossy finish, an alternative look to the traditional ink style methods of DTG and screen printing. New techniques involving gold and iridescent foils, as well as the highly reflective 3M material, fall under this category of printing.


Embroidery offers woven design that adds a personalized touch that will never fade. This service gives your garment or accessory texture and quality to last.

Heat Transfer Printing 

Heat transfer printing is the most cost effective printing method on the market today. This style utilizes high quality fabric paper which is put into a high density inkjet printer and then cut out and heat pressed onto your garment.